( Students with first enrollment up to 2018 (ID up to 61) )


Bachelor of Science (Information Technology)

B.Sc. (Information Technology)

Philosophy :  To prepare graduates with knowledge and skills in information technology as well as moral values so that they can serve according to the needs of the software industry


1) To prepare graduates with knowledge and skills in information technology

2) To prepare graduates with skills to apply their knowledge in the real world, focusing on applying information technology in organizations, in the fields of system design and analysis, network design and implementation, and animation design and multimedia technology

3) To shape graduates with proper moral values, ethics, and good attitude toward the profession

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology : IT
Bechelor of Science in information Technology (IT) is an undergraduate
program awarded for development and applying in computer and information technology. This degree is primarily combined together the essential knowledge and skills for careers in IT and software industries according to cloud and computer networking, graphic design and multimedia, web programming and mobile application, data science and artifical intelligence.

Career paths..?
IT consultant and support | Website designer and developer | Data and information manager | Mobile application developer | IT system analyst and designer | Network administrator | Web graphic designer