Bachelor of Engineering in Digital Engineering (International Program)

( Students with first enrollment from 2019 (ID 62 onwards) )


Principles of artificial intelligence and software engineering are the fundamental keys of which student’s acquisition is assured. Realistic project- and scenario-based learning, alongside a practical company internship are well selected to propel student’s abilities in many dimensions and lead our students to be able to develop their own automation systems and Internet of Things (IoTs) in conjunction with cloud computing and cybersecurity.


Bachelor of Engineering (Digital Engineering)
B.Eng. (Digital Engineering)


Two semesters per year

Summer Course
Summer classes are offered as only as needed and as agreed upon by the program committee


1st Semester: August - December
2nd Semester: January to April
Summer: May to July


48,000 Baht (+ entrance fee 15,000 Baht) *
* All fees may subject to change


The curriculum is designed according to the 2015 National Standard Criteria for the Undergraduate Program set by the Ministry of Education.


Total 132 credits
(1) General Education (GE) Courses     30 credits
     Compulsory GE Courses 24 credits
     Elective GE Courses    6 credits
(2) Specific Education Courses     96 credits
     Core Courses 30 credits
     Major Courses 39 credits
         - Technology for Application 6 credits
         - Technology and Software Methodology 9 credits
          - Basic System Infrastructure 12 credits
          - Hardware and Computer Archtecture 12 credits
     Specialised Courses 21 credits
         - Compulsory Specialised Courses 15 credits
             ** Network and Security Engineering    
             ** Intelligent Objects    
             ** Software Engineering    
         - Elective Specialised Courses 6 credits
     Cooperative Education Courses 6 credits
(3) Free Elective Courses 6 credits


Career paths..?
Digital Engineer/Computer Engineer | Software Engineer/Developer | iOS/Android Programmer | Embedded System Engineer/IoT Engineer | Artificial Intelligence Engineer | Network and Data Communication Engineer | Cybersecurity Analyst and Designer