( Students with first enrollment up to 2018 (ID up to 61) )

Bachelor of Science (Electronic Business)

B.Sc. (Electronic Business)

Philosophy :  To produce graduates who have the capability of applying computer and communication technology to improve potential in conducting business as well as efficiency in any organization, focusing on various electronic technologies


1) To prepare graduates with knowledge in electronic technology and management

2) To produce graduates who can apply management skills in organization, focusing on various electronic technologies

3) To produce graduates who are capable of conducting research in the field of electronic business, leading to higher-level education and knowledge

4) To shape graduates with proper moral values, ethics, and good attitude toward the profession

Bachelor of Science in Electronic Business : E-Biz
Bachelor of Science in Electronic Business (E-Biz) is a degree in applying knowledge of computer technology and information system to support analyzing and managing business process and information. This program consists of courses such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain and logistics management (SCM), electronic marketing (E-Marketing), which help optimizing cost and enhancing efficiency and effectiveness for organizations in both government and private sectors.

Career paths..?
Business intelligence specialist | Web developer | Business analyst | Ecommerce specialist | Digital marketer | Process analyst and business planner | Customer relationship analyst