Janchai, W., Siddoo, V., & Sawattawee, J. (2019). Andragogical teaching patterns appropriate for work-integrated learning in the information technology industry. International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning, 20(3), 283-299

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Tag: IT education ,   teaching approach ,   IT industry ,   IT worker ,   digital economy ,   adult learning ,   digital workforce   


Siddoo, V., Sawattawee, J., & Janchai, W. (2019). Factors Affecting the Success of IT Workforce Development: A Perspective from Thailand’s IT Supervisors and Internship Students. In Industry Integrated Engineering and Computing Education (pp. 135-159). Springer, Cham.

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Tag: critical factor ,   employee development ,   information technology career ,   ICT industry ,   IT worker   


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