Sawanya Rattanabunno, Warodom Werapun, "Decrypting Criminal Transaction Patterns in Cryptocurrency,"  The 7th International Conference on Information Technology (InCIT2023), pp. 435-439, 15-17 Nov 2023, Chiangrai, Thailand

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N. Boonpeam, W. Werapun, T. Karode, and E. Sangiamkul, "The Automated Equity-Split Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Strategy", Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology, pp. 845-851, Vol.44, No.3, May - Jun 2022, DOI: 10.14456/sjst-psu.2022.113, Scopus Q3

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W. Werapun, T. Karode, T. Arpornthip, J. Suaboot, E. Sangiamkul, and P. Boonrat, "The Flash loan Attack Analysis (FAA) Framework -- A Case Study of the Warp Finance Exploitation," Informatics, Vol.10, Issue 1, December 2022, pp.1-22. [SCOPUS Q1]

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W. Werapun, T. Karode, T. Arpornthip, J. Suaboot, E. Sangiamkul,  P. Boonrat, (2023). The Flash Loan Attack Analysis (FAA) Framework—A Case Study of the Warp Finance Exploitation. Informatics - MDPI 2023, Vol10, issue 1(March 2023), pp. 1-22,, ISSN-2227-9709  (Scopus Q1)

Month/Year: 1/2023

Tag: Flash loan attack ,   Cryptocurrency ,   DeFi ,   TWAP   


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