About Me
Position   Lecturer
Email   kanjana.l@phuket.psu.ac.th
Phone   076276722
Website   https://www.computing.psu.ac.th/
Ph.D. Degree

Ph.D. in Natural Language Processing, Université de Besançon, 2014 France


Master Degree

Master of Science (Computer Science), Prince of Songkla University, 2008, Thailand

Bachelor Degree

Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), Prince of Songkla University, 2005, Thailand


Natural Language Processing

Controlled Language

Word Sense Disambiguation

Ambiguity in Software Requirements Specification

Artificial Intelligence

Online Social Media Classification

Chatbot and Question Answering

Sentiment Analysis

Natural Language Processing for Software Engineering

Research Projects

Online Travel Forums Mining Model using Association Rule.

Product Requirements Classification Model using SVM.

Thai software requirements specification pattern.

Semantic level design of Thai software requirements specification using XML as a resource.

Research Projects


140-340 Web Programming

968-240  Web Development and Programming

968-353 Knowledge representation and Reasoning

976-241 Internet Programming

140-460 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

968-251 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

140-495 Introduction to Natural Language Processing

976-501 Research MEthodology

976-561 Artificial Intelligence

240-321 Design Architecture and Engineering for Intelligence Systems

969-051 Change your thoughts, Change your life

MSc/PhD Students

Sulaimaan Sunkoh

Eakgarin Ouysontiwong

International Journal Articles

Kanjana Laosen,Adisak Intana and Phisitchai Chuaynukul,"Customer Needs Classification from Online Social Media Using Bag-of-Concepts Representation," International Journal on Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology, vol. 13, no. 4, pp. 1546-1553, 2023. [Online]. Available: http://dx.doi.org/10.18517/ijaseit.13.4.17369.

Link:   Month/Year: 8/2023

A. Intana, K. Laosen, T.Sriraksa, “An Automated Impact Analysis Approach for Test Cases based on Changes of Use Case based Requirement Specifications,”  International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA), vol. 14, no. 1, January, 2023

Month/Year: 1/2023

National Journal Articles

Laosen, K. and Sankoh, S., (2021) Online Travel Forums Mining using Association Rules. Information Technology Journal,Vol. 17 No.1 (2021): January - June 2021, pp 54 - 65

Link:   Month/Year: 6/2021

Tag: TCI1   


N. Laosen, K. Laosen and J. Ardharn, "Intent Classification from Online Forums for Phuket Medical Tourism," in Proc. 2023 20th International Conference on Electrical Engineering/Electronics, Computer, Telecommunications and Information Technology (ECTI-CON), Nakhon Phanom, Thailand, 2023, pp. 1-4, doi: 10.1109/ECTI-CON58255.2023.10153301.

Month/Year: 5/2023

Zhu, F., Laosen, N., Laosen, K., Paripremkul, K., Nanthaamornphong, A., Ng, S.-K., & Bressan, S. (2022). A Comparative Empirical Evaluation of Neural Language Models for Thai Question-Answering. 2022 37th International Technical Conference on Circuits/Systems, Computers and Communications (ITC-CSCC), 120–123. doi:10.1109/ITC-CSCC55581.2022.9894948

Attachments   Link:    Month/Year: 8/2022

Quynh, D.V.X., Laosen, K. and Laosen, N., (2021) An Evaluation of the UIT-VSFC Dataset Using Modern Machine Learning Techniques and Word Embeddings. The 25th International Computer Science and Engineering Conference (ICSEC2021), 18-20 November, 2021. Pp. 394-399.

Month/Year: 11/2021

Ouysontiwong, E. and Thongglin, K., (2016) Product Requirements Classification Model using SVM. The fifth Asian Conference on Information Systems, ACIS 2016. 27-29, October 2016. Krabi, Thailand.pp.78-85

Month/Year: 1/2016

Thongglin, K., Cardey, S., and Greenfield, P. (2013). Thai software requirements specification pattern. IEEE 12th International Conference on Intelligent Software Methodologies, Tools and Techniques, 22-24 September, pp. 179-184. Budapest, Hungary.

Month/Year: 1/2013

Thongglin, K., Cardey, S., and Greenfield P. (2012). Semantic level design of Thai software requirements specification using XML as a resource, In ICTMF 2012. LNIT, Vol.38. 1 2, December, pp. 565-571, Bali, Indonesia.

Month/Year: 1/2012

Thongglin, K., Cardey, S., and Greenfield, P. (2012). Controlled syntax for Thai Software Requirements Specification, In: ICTAI 2012. 7-9, November, Athens, Greece.

Month/Year: 1/2012

Thongklin K., Vanichayobon S., and Wettayaprasit W. (2009). Word Sense Disambiguation Using Context Word Technique. The 6th International Join Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering (JCSSE 2009), Phuket, Thailand, pp. 315-322, May 13-15, 2009.

Month/Year: 1/2009

Thongklin K., Vanichayobon S., and Wettayaprasit W. (2008). “Word Sense Disambiguation and Attrbute Selection Using Gain Ratio and RBF Neural Network,” IEEE Conference Innovation and Vision for the Future in Computing and Communication Technologies (RIVF’ 08), Hochimin, Vietnam,  2008.

Month/Year: 1/2008

National Proceedings

Laosen, K.,(2019) Using Rubric Scoring to Assess Student Learning in Active Learning Classroom : A case study on Web Programming Course.The 8th PSU Education Conference & 4th Inspiration Scholar Symposium, 2019. 12-13, December 2019. Songkhla Thailand pp. 233-240. 

Link:    Month/Year: 12/2019

Sankoh, S. and Thongglin, K., (2016) Online Travel Forums Mining Model using Association Rule. National Conference on Information Technology, NCIT 2016. 26-27, October 2016. Krabi, Thailand. pp. 503-508.

Month/Year: 1/2016

Thongklin, K. and Laosen, N. (2009). Phuket Rainfall Forecasting using Attribute Selection Technique. The 2nd Annual PSU Phuket Research Conference 2009. November 18-20 2009. pp. 15.

Month/Year: 1/2009

Thongklin K., Vanichayobon S., and Wettayaprasit W. (2007). “Word Sense Disambiguation using Stoplist removing for Senseval-2 Corpus”, in Proc. the 3rd National Conference on Computing and Information Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, pp. 87, May 2007.

Month/Year: 1/2007


Python for Data Science 

Python for Machine Learning



ปฎิรูประบบการอุดมศึกษา วิทยาศาสตร์ วิจัยและนวัตกรรม โครงการวิทยาศาสตร์ดิจิทัล เพื่อสร้างนวัตกรรมสำหรับการพัฒนาเศรษฐกิจ สังคม ทรัพยากรมนุษย์ และสิ่งแวดล้อม

: 84 baht   funded by กองทุนส่งเสริมวิทยาศาสตร์ วิจัย และนวัตกรรม (กสว.) : งบประมาณด้าน ววน. Full Proposal ประจำปีงบประมาณ พ.ศ.2564, 2021

Year: 2021

แอปพลิเคชัน "บทสนทนาภาษาจีนสำหรับพนักงานต้อนรับโรงแรม"

: 250,000 baht   funded by PSU, 2019

Year: 2019



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