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Thongklin K., Vanichayobon S., and Wettayaprasit W. (2007). “Word Sense Disambiguation using Stoplist removing for Senseval-2 Corpus”, in Proc. the 3rd National Conference on Computing and Information Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, pp. 87, May 2007.

Month/Year: 1/2007  


Hiranrat, C. and Pohthong, A., “The Adoption of Mobile Agents for Electronic Auction: Case Study of Electronic Auction at Rubber Brokering Service of Thailand,” in The 3rd National Conference on Computing and Information Technology (NCCIT 2007), Bangkok, May 2007.

Month/Year: 4/2007  



W. Werapun, K. Thavornvisit, “Performance Comparison of TCP and CBR in MAODV Ad hoc Network”, The Second International Conference on Systems and Networks Communications, ICSNC 07, pp. 1-5, Aug. 2007 (SCOPUS Indexing).

Attachments   Month/Year: 8/2007  


K. Tantayakul, R. Elze, S. Kamolphiwong, T.Angchuan, “Mobility Mechanism between MIPv4 and MIPv6”, The 4th IASTED Asian Conference on Communication Systems and Networks (AsiaCSN 2007), Phuket, Thailand, August 2007, pp. 196-201.

Month/Year: 8/2007  

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