National ProceedingS

J. Surbot and S. Witosurapot, “Discovering Secured Group Services among UPnP Networks ,” in Proceeding of The 6th National Conference on Computing and Information Technology (NCCIT 2010), Bangkok, Thailand, Jun. 3-5, 2010.

Month/Year: 6/2010  


W. Werapun, J. Fasson, B. Paillassa, “Network Architectures for Ubiquitous Home Services”, The Fourth International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies, UBICOMM 2010, Oct 2010 (SCOPUS Indexing).

Month/Year: 10/2010  


Kittasil Silanon, Nikom Suvonvorn:
Real Time Hand Tracking as a User Input Device. KICSS 2010: 178-189

Attachments   Month/Year: 1/2010  


V. Estivill-Castro, A. Heednacram, and F. Suraweera. “The Rectilinear k-Bends TSP”, In, M. T. Thai and S. Sahni, editors, Proceedings of the 16th Annual International Combinatorics Conference (COCOON), volume 6196 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 264-277. Springer, Berlin, July 19-21, 2010. (ISI indexing)

Month/Year: 7/2010  


P. Treepong, S. Prom-on, J. H. Chan, A. Meechai, N.Hirankarn, “Effects of RNA Quality on Gene Expression Functional Profiles”, 14th International Annual Symposium on Computational Science and Engineering (ANSCSE14), Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai, Thailand, pp. 65-70, 2010.

Month/Year: 1/2010  


A. Prasitsupparote & S. Vasupongayya, 2010, “Impact of multi-partition systems on goal-oriented parallel computer job scheduling policies”, Proc. of JCSSE2010, Bangkok, Thailand.

Attachments   Month/Year: 1/2010  


J. Surbot and S. Witosurapot, “A Collaboration Agent for Exploiting Legacy Phones in Assistive UPnP-based Home Environments,” in Proceeding of The 7th International Joint Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering (JCSSE 2010), Bangkok, Thailand, May. 12-14, 2010.

Link:   Month/Year: 5/2010  


J. Surbot and S. Witosurapot, “Integrating Group Key Distribution for Securing UPnP Services,” in Proceeding of The 2nd International Conference on Computer Engineering and Technology (ICCET 2010), Chengdu, China, Apr. 16-18, 2010, pp. 181-185.

Link:   Month/Year: 4/2010  


N. Lertchuwongsa, M. Gouiffès and B. Zavidovique, “Mixed color/level lines and their stereo-matching with a modified Hausdorff distance”, International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics, Funchal, Madeira - Portugal, June 15-18 2010, pp.122-127

Month/Year: 6/2010  

Tag: Computer vision   

National Journal Articles

Tongtep, N. and Theeramunkong, T., Pattern-based Extraction of Named Entities in Thai News Documents, Thammasat International Journal of Science and Technology, Vol. 15, No. 1, pp. 70-81, January 2010.

Month/Year: 1/2010


V. Estivill-Castro, A. Heednacram, and F. Suraweera. NP-completeness and FPT Results for Rectilinear Covering Problems. Journal of Universal Computer Science, 16(5):622-652, May 2010. (ISSN : 0948-695X, 2010 Impact Factor = 0.788, ISI Indexing)

Month/Year: 5/2010


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