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K. Tantayakul, J. Bubpavas, R. Elze, S. Kamolphiwong, T. Kamolphiwong, J.Chatchai, A. Touchai, “Enhance Mechanism of Automated IPv6 Site Renumbering” , NSTDA Annual Conference S&T in Thailand (NAC2005), Bangkok, Thailand, March 2005.

Month/Year: 3/2005  


K. Kanjanasit, V. Vivek, and N. Homsub, “Novel Design of a Wideband Improved U-slot on Rectangular Patch Using Additional Loading Slots” the 2nd International ECTI conferences, May, Thailand, (2005)

Link:   Month/Year: 5/2005  


K. Kanjanasit, D. Worasawate, N. Homsub, and V. Vivek, “Bandwidth Improvement Technique for a U-slotted Rectangular Patch Antenna Using Coupled Slots” Proceedings of The 43rd Kasetsart University Annual Conference, Thailand, (2005)

Link:   Month/Year: 1/2005  


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