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Ph.D. Degree

Pursuing Ph.D -Chiang Mai University

Master Degree

Master of Science ( Information System Management )

National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA)

Bachelor Degree

Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

Srinakarinvirote University

International Journal Articles

Siddoo, V., Sawattawee, J., Janchai, W., & Thinnukool, O. (2019). An exploratory study of digital workforce competency in Thailand. Heliyon, 5(5), e01723.

Month/Year: 5/2019

Siddoo, V., Janchai, W., & Sawattawee, J. (2018). A Systematic Review of Work-Integrated Learning for the Digital Economy. International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning, 19(4), 385-398.

Month/Year: 12/2018

Siddoo, V., Sawattawee, J., Janchai W., and Yodmongkol P., 2017. Exploring the competency gap of
IT students in Thailand: the employers ‘view of an effective workforce. Journal of Technical Education
and Training, 9(2), 1-15.

Link:   Month/Year: 11/2017

Siddoo, V., and Wongsai, N., 2017. Factors Influencing the Adoption of ISO/IEC 29110 in Thai
Government Projects: A Case Study. International Journal of Information Technologies and Systems
Approach (IJITSA), 10(1), 22-44.

Link:   Month/Year: 1/2017


Siddoo, V., Sawattawee, J., Janchai, W., and Yodmongkol, P., 2017. Exploring The Competency Gap of IT Students: A Case Study from The Thailand Digital Cluster Area. International STEM Education Conference iStem-Ed 2017, (pp. 1-4). Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Month/Year: 7/2017

Siddoo, V., and Janchai, W., 2017. Work-integrated Learning for the Digital Economy: A Systematic Literature Review. 20th WACE World Conference on Cooperative and Work Integrated Education, (pp.1-13). Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Month/Year: 6/2017

Siddoo, V., Binla, D., Jaineawnaekuson, K., Yommana,O., 2016. A Study of Early Childhood E-Learning Games for Thai Children. 2016 The 2016 Fifth ICT International Student Project Conference (ICT-ISPC2016), pp.(1-4),Nakornpathom Thailand.

Month/Year: 5/2016

Wongsai, N., Siddoo, V. and Wetprasit, R., 2015. Factors of Influence in Software Process Improvement: An ISO/IEC 29110 for Very-Small Entities. 2015 7th International Conference on Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ICITEE), pp.(12-17),Chiang Mai Thailand.

Month/Year: 10/2015

Siddoo, V. and Wetprasit, R., 2014. Design and Tool for Decision Making Cooperative and Work Integrated Workplace. The 29 th International Technical Conference on Circuits/Systems,Computer and Communications: ITC-CSCC 2014 ,pp. (645-647),Phuket Thailand

Month/Year: 7/2014

Siddoo, V., Wongsai, N. and Wetprasit, R., 2013. An Implementation Approach of ISO/IEC 29110 for Government Organizations. The 1st Annual PSU Phuket International Conference 2012, Thailand. pp.1-6

Month/Year: 1/2013

Siddoo, V., Wongsai, N., and Wetprasit, R., 2012. Implementation of ISO/IEC 29110 in government
organizations PSU Phuket case study (implementation and satellite communication, future Internet,
Internet applications, Internet for disasters, etc.). 電子情報通信学会技術研究報告. IA, インターネッ
トアーキテクチャ, 112(250), 55-60.

Month/Year: 10/2012

National Proceedings

Siddoo, V. and Wetprasit, R.,2015. Petty Cash Control System: A Retail Business Case Study. 2015 The 7th National Conference on Information Technology. NCIT 2015, pp. (364-369),Chaing Mai Thailand.

Month/Year: 10/2015

Siddoo, V. and Wetprasit, R.,2014. The Design of Targets and Performance Indicators for Payment Service: Telecommunication Organization Case Study. The 9th National Conference on Computing and Information Technology: NCCIT 2014, pp. (340-345),Phuket Thailand.

Month/Year: 1/2014

Siddoo, V. and Wetprasit, R.,2014. The Payment Process Improvement by Applying Netting Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Method: A Retail Business Case Study. The National Conference on Information Technology: NCIT 2014, pp. (95-101), Nakhon Ratchasima Thailand.

Month/Year: 2/2014

Siddoo, V. and Nakaviroj S., R.,2013. A Phuket Dialect Dictionary Using Inverted Index Technique. The 9th National Conference on Computing and Information Technology: NCCIT 2013, pp. (952-958), Bangkok Thailand.

Month/Year: 5/2013


Siddoo V., Sawattawee J., Janchai W. (2019) Factors Affecting the Success of IT Workforce Development: A Perspective from Thailand’s IT Supervisors and Internship Students. In: Abdulwahed M., Bouras A., Veillard L. (eds) Industry Integrated Engineering and Computing Education. Springer, Cham

 Month/Year: 6/2019



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